Town of Mount Pleasant, SC: Wage and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions assisted the Town of Mt. Pleasant with a comprehensive wage and compensation study in which selected municipalities and businesses in the Town of Mt. Pleasant area were surveyed to assess the market competiveness of the Town of Mt. Pleasant’s current compensation system. Aside from general compensation, the study was designed to assess: incentive pay for licenses, certifications, educational attainment as well as longevity pay; policies regarding take home vehicles and uniform payment; pay for performance systems; and employee performance appraisal tools and documentation.

In addition to reviewing the Town’s compensation structure and competiveness, Evergreen’s process established a sustainable maintenance plan for the pay system, as well as a maintenance plan for the Town’s pay for performance system in order to ensure continued competitiveness with market area peers. In addition, Evergreen reviewed the Town’s job descriptions and made changes where necessary to ensure that documented duties reflect those duties actually being performed by Town employees. To conclude the study, Evergreen issued a comprehensive report detailing findings and providing recommendations to Town leaders.

Yadkin County, NC: Performance Audit of Health Department

Yadkin County, NC selected Evergreen Solutions to conduct a Performance Audit of the Yadkin County Health Department. The purpose of the Performance Audit was to conduct an objective and systemic examination of the Health Department using a structured and professionally adopted methodology to evaluate overall efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. The foundation of Evergreen’s approach methodology for this study was based on the simple premise of aligning needs with resources in an optimal manner; specifically, alignment of communication, resources, processes, and organizational objectives.

Evergreen’s conceptual model for completing such a study was designed with a top down approach. That is, higher level strategic needs such as citizen expectations, community needs, and relative resources are first assessed during the audit. Then, individual service models for specific functional areas were analyzed. Finally, operational components such as organization and management, resources management, and policies and procedures were assessed for inefficiencies. This top down approach was optimal for identifying areas in which the Health Department could become more efficient, effective, and productive.

In the end, Evergreen presented a final report of the findings, commendations, and recommendations to the Yadkin County Board of County Commissioners which will provide specific recommendations and implementation plans to optimize Yadkin Health Department’s overall performance.

Town of Colchester, VT: Community Visioning and Strategic Planning

The Town of Colchester selected Evergreen to provide community visioning and to develop a strategic plan to ensure alignment of strategy development as well as successful resource allocation between the four “images” of the community-an agricultural hub, tourist destination, bedroom community, and business location. The process ultimately led to a shared vision and direction between the Town’s four unique areas of the community.

As part of the initiative, Evergreen worked closely with the Town’s Steering Committee to design a public outreach campaign that will include public relations, education, outreach and involvement so as to involve the whole community in the visioning process. Specific tools and processes will be designed and implemented by Evergreen to assist in the process, including outreach materials, press releases, training initiatives, and forum meetings and groups. Additional, Evergreen closely monitored the strategic development process to ensure key components are included.

A summary document captured relevant information from each step to the process, and in the end, the Town had a comprehensive vision with a list of goals, objectives, and action steps to guide its overall direction for the next five years.

City of Pearland, TX: Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the City of Pearland, Texas to complete a Classification Study which included a review of the existing classification plan and an audit of 180 classifications. The project’s specific goal was to analyze the existing hierarchy based on job relationships and make recommendations regarding the classification plan. The study ensured the accuracy and compliance status of the City’s class descriptions. The methodology developed for the study focuses on market competitiveness, recognizes that compensation is comprised of more than just base pay levels, reflects changes in recent compensation strategies, and outputs custom solutions that take into account the diversity of needs present in the City. Overall, the plan produced a structure that improved the City’s ability to recruit, reward, motivate, and retain talent in a competitive environment.

Evergreen Solutions worked with the City to evaluate the policies and procedures associated with demotions, promotions, transfers and reclassifications and evaluating current classifications for FLSA status. Furthermore, components of the study included employee questionnaires; job interviews with department directors, division managers, key supervisors and selected employees; analysis and identification of problem areas within the hierarchy system; a review of class specifications as they relate to minimum education, FLSA determinations, and experience; a review of ADAAA compliance criteria; and establishment of a mechanism for placing newly created job classifications into the City’s pay structure. As the study progressed, Evergreen provided communication and training tools to keep employees up-to-date on project progress and changes and, based on findings, made recommendations regarding the City’s processes.

Sumter County, FL: Comprehensive Market Salary Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Sumter County, FL to conduct a comprehensive market salary study designed to ascertain the external equity of its compensation plan. The County desires to evaluate its competitiveness with not only the public sector, but the private sector as well. Evergreen Solutions employed a methodology that includes data from both of these critical markets and took into account the importance of total compensation including salaries, benefits, and supplements and provides recommendations for improvements as needed.

In addition, Evergreen Solutions evaluated the County’s classifications to determine if a functional combination of positions is possible or appropriate and made administrative recommendations designed to aid the County in maintaining the system over time.

Jefferson County, MO: Compensation and Classification Study

Jefferson County retained Evergreen Solutions to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study to analyze the County’s market competitiveness and internal equity.

Located just 40 miles southwest of the City of St. Louis, Jefferson County possesses a unique set of challenges being on the border of more rural, suburban, and even metropolitan markets. Maintaining market competitive compensation and classification plans in these environments requires special effort.

The study included comprehensive classification analysis using the Job Assessment Tool job valuation methodology in addition to a statistical assessment of current conditions. An assessment of external equity including a salary survey of competing organizations was also conducted. The project concluded with a series of findings and recommendations designed to alleviate any strains on the system and, if necessary, redesigned the existing system in place for the County.

City of Mauldin, SC: Compensation and Classification Study

The City of Mauldin retained Evergreen Solutions to provide oversight into the data collection process regarding compensation and classification as well as provide recommendations following the collection of the data for the City to transition into a purely merit-based pay system. The purpose of the study was to review the current structure that has not been updated in the last few years utilizing the position rating manual and position analysis questionnaire; review the salary survey methods and results collected from local municipalities and national IMCA data; verify overall grade placement and internal equity for the organization as a whole; ensure external equity with the marketplace; and provide oversight on transition to a performance management, merit-pay system.

As part of the study, Evergreen Solutions reviewed the materials provided by the City and gave feedback on best practices and market trends; analyzed internal equity data collected by the City and give feedback to address internal equity; reviewed salary survey data collected by the City for accuracy and provided insight regarding findings; developed the strategic position for the City utilizing collected data and desired intentions of the City; and assisted the City with developing a transition plan.

City of Branson, MO: Compensation and Classification Study

The City of Branson, Missouri retained Evergreen Solutions to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study to determine if the City possessed a compensation and classification system that was both equitable as compared to the external competitive employment market and equitable internally. In doing so, the City of Branson hoped to design a system that would enable them to recruit, retain, and motivate a qualified workforce as well as compensate employees at a fair, equitable and competitive rate.

The study included a complete classification analysis including a statistical assessment of internal conditions and an assessment of external equity. Specifically, Evergreen Solutions conducted a salary and benefits survey of competing organizations, reviewed and assessed current job duties in all classifications, as well as culminated a series of findings and recommendations designed to alleviate any strains on the system and, if necessary, redesigned or augmented the existing system in place at the City of Branson.

Town of Colchester, VT: Departmental Job Analysis, Classification and Efficiency Study

In September 2009, the Town of Colchester retained Evergreen Solutions to assist with an efficiency and effectiveness review of Town operations. The study included a multi-disciplinary approach to gaining input from employees, managers, elected officials, and citizens. Data was collected through employee focus groups, employee and manager surveys, manager interviews,  a community survey, employee job analysis, benchmark analysis, and process review sessions. An overall operational model was created to summarize Town operations and link employee tasks, major functional activities, key business processes, and services or programs together for all levels of the organization and analyze the value, performance and resources for each element.

The results of the model were compared to current and potential outcomes through gap analysis and a series of recommendations were created to address the current and future needs of the Town. Each recommendation was then be coupled with specific action plans, timelines, resource outcomes, and assignment of duties. In addition, the current classification structure was updated to ensure that the documented division of work matched organizational reality.

Allegany County, MD: Compensation Study for the Office of the Sheriff

Allegany County, Maryland contracted with Evergreen Solutions to conduct a comprehensive compensation study and analysis for the Office of the Sheriff. The Office of the Sheriff included the primary functional areas of Road Patrol and Correction Deputies at the county correctional facility. Evergreen Solutions understood that the Office of the Sheriff faced competitive pressure from other area law enforcement agencies and is designing a salary survey instrument for distribution to an approved list of local peers. This survey took into account total compensation, including supplemental pay, insurance benefits, retirement, leave, and other tangible benefits.

The results of this survey and the subsequently prepared report provided the County with recommendations designed to improve their competitive position and ability to recruit the best and brightest available persons for these key areas.