Dare County, NC: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with Dare County to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. Evergreen’s consultants will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of every job to determine relative worth within the County (internal equity), placement in the organizational structure, and to establishment appropriate pay ranges. Evergreen will further establish appropriate benchmarking standards to include a comparison and analysis of salaries and benefits of like or similar jobs (external equity) of comparable local governments and private employers in various markets for which the County competes for labor supply.

City of Clarksville, TN: Compensation and Classification Consulting Services

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the City of Clarksville to provide Compensation and Classification Consulting Services.  Evergreen will review the City’s current compensation plan, gather necessary salary data from comparable organizations within a 200-mile radius.  Evergreen will further evaluate the City’s current classification positions, gather necessary employee information using a combination of job analysis questionnaires as well as supervisor and employee interviews to determine whether individuals are appropriately classified.  Evergreen will further update job descriptions and make FLSA determinations.

McLean County, IL: Compensation Study and Analysis

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with McLean County to conduct a Compensation Study and Analysis.  Evergreen’s consultant will perform a comprehensive, valid and reliable job analysis/evaluation of each job class within the County to determine if the current pay grade levels for all classified and appointed positions are still appropriate and will conduct a comprehensive wage and benefits survey(s) for the purpose of ensuring that the County pay plans/pay structures and benefits possess external equity and labor market competitiveness.  In the end, Evergreen will develop a maintenance program to address the need for new job analysis/evaluation (including pay grade recommendation), creation of new job description(s), and the continued maintenance of the Pay Classification Plans.

City of Norwalk / Norwalk Public Schools, Connecticut: Operations Review / Efficiency Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the City of Norwalk to conduct an Operations Review/Efficiency Study of the City and the school district. The primary purpose of the study was to identify and coordinate with the City to implement specific strategies to improve the efficiency of City government and K-12 public school operations in order to improve the value of government and educational services delivered to the community.  The Departments within the City’s scope, include: Information Technology; Community Services (i.e., Health Department, Human Services, Early Childhood, Youth Services, Human Relations and Fair Rent, and Library); Corporation Counsel; Finance (i.e., Comptroller, Management and Budgets, Purchasing, Tax Assessor, and Tax Collector); Economic and Community Development (i.e., Business Development and Tourism, Code Enforcement, Planning and Zoning, and Transportation, Mobility and Parking); Fire (Emergency Management); HR and Personnel; Operations and Public Works (i.e., Building Management, Engineering, Highways, and Recreation and Parks); Police; and Town Clerk.  Some of the Departments within Norwalk Public Schools in the scope includes: Facilities; Finance; Grants; Health Services; Human Resources; Information Technology; Operations; Maintenance; Purchasing; Recruiting/Talent Acquisitions; and Transportation.

Evergreen’s consultants performed the Efficiency Study in two parts for both the City and Norwalk Public Schools.  In Part 1, Evergreen’s consultants researched and analyzed the current performance by identifying areas where there was a high potential to improve efficiencies within the scope of the project, measuring and mapping the current state of the identified area; and analyzing the current state to determine the likely causes of inefficiencies.  In Part 2, Evergreen’s consultant identified the obstacle(s) to implement the recommendations; developed countermeasures to address the causes of inefficiencies; and designed the future state of the workflows with integrated countermeasures.

Cobb County, Georgia: Comprehensive Compensation Review and Update of Classification/Pay System

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with Cobb County to conduct a Comprehensive Compensation Review and Update of Classification/Pay System.  The scope of work will include a comprehensive compensation and benefit market survey; job analysis and evaluation; evaluation of internal and external compensation equity; an implementation recommendation and update; and preparation of draft and final reports.  Evergreen will update the salary range structure based on the compensation survey results and internal relationships, while minimizing compression, and assuring internal equity and external competitiveness for sworn (full and part-time); non-sworn ; and part-time employees.  Evergreen will further make recommendations regarding a Step Plan for all County graded positions.  Evergreen will review and update job descriptions and will coordinate an appeal process for employees to appeal through their management and address any concerns.

Columbus Consolidated Government, GA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with Columbus Consolidated Government to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study and Analysis.  Columbus is Georgia’s first consolidated city/county government, the second largest city in Georgia and is a recognized leader among its peer cities, and takes pride in its operational efficiency and the excellent quality of life it fosters.

Evergreen will conduct an external market analysis to determine whether the City is competitive with its peers. Evergreen will work with Human Resources and City leadership to review our classification and compensation structure and recommend comparable public and private survey markets.   Evergreen will consider the compensation and benefits package received by employees with the City as it relates to both the external and internal markets.  The City’s objectives for this study are to:

  • attract and retain qualified employees;
  • ensure positions performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, and knowledge, skills, and abilities are classified together;
  • provide salaries commensurate with assigned duties;
  • outline promotional opportunities and provide recognizable compensation growth;
  • provide justifiable pay differential between individual classes; and
  • maintain a competitive position with other comparable government entities and private employers within the same geographic areas.

City of Norfolk, VA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the City of Norfolk to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study.  Evergreen will conduct a job analysis to determine internal equity as well as an external labor market analysis to determine whether the City is competitive with its peers.

City of Marietta/Board of Lights and Water, GA: Compensation Review and Update of a Pay and Classification System

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the City of Marietta/Board of Lights and Water to conduct a Review and Update of a Pay and Classification System.  Evergreen will perform the following tasks: evaluate job descriptions for all full-time and part-time single incumbent positions and recommend appropriate job classification, FLSA classification, and salary range; update and/or create full-time and part-time classification specifications as needed to uniformly reflect distinguishing characteristics, FLSA status, essential functions, minimum qualifications, working conditions, license requirements, regulatory requirements, certifications, and competencies required to do the job (knowledge, skills, and physical abilities); conduct a full market analysis of take-home pay with comparable labor market including both private, when applicable, and public sector (locally, regionally, and statewide) using an approved peer group with a focus on actual take-home pay; establish a consistent and competitive market position that the City can strive to maintain that aligns with the City’s compensation philosophy; review and provide an assessment on the competitiveness of the City’s entire benefits package (including annual/vacation leave, sick leave, holidays, health, dental, life, disability, retirement, tuition reimbursement, etc.); design and recommend an implementation strategy (including cost) and a maintenance strategy, including policy revisions or additions for the updated compensation system with the lowest financial impact on the City and greatest gain to positions that fall outside of a designated range; include any best practice recommendations that would positively impact hiring or retention; and provide training to appropriate City staff on the utilization and maintenance of the system.

City of Sandy Springs, GA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the City of Sandy Springs to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. The study included all employees and classifications in the County.  As part of the study, Evergreen conducted focus groups and interviews with employees, and employees completed a Job Assessment Tool (JAT) to determine where they fell in the hierarchy of jobs with the City. Evergreen further conducted a comprehensive salary survey of local and regional employers to assess the market competitiveness of the City.  A detailed plan was developed to provide the City with specific steps to implement an equitable and competitive compensation and classification plan.

City of Texas City: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the City of Texas City to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study.  The purpose of the comprehensive study is to develop a clear, equitable, consistent and competitive classification and compensation structure that fosters retention of qualified individuals while providing opportunities for growth and development within and provides the Human Resources Department a framework to operate within to maintain the system.  Evergreen will work with the City to develop a compensation program that is fair, equitable, and competitive with other municipalities in the surrounding geographic market area from which the City of Texas City recruits and lends itself to a total rewards package.  Evergreen will further work with the City to develop a classification system that facilitates ongoing compensation analysis and reporting based on similarly-situated employees, similar skills, qualifications, responsibilities, and pay, using job family grouping and EEO job categories that comport with EEOC guidelines for government employees and will provide the City with a tool that the HR department can use to continue that evaluation/analysis process.