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Oconee County, SC: Classification, Compensation, and Time Use Study

Evergreen was retained by the Oconee County to conduct a Classification, Compensation, and Time Use Study. Evergreen performed the following services: provided for a comprehensive evaluation of every job within the County to determine relative worth within the organization for internal equity and for the establishment of pay ranges and progressions within the ranges; reviewed all current job classifications, confirmed, and recommended changes to hierarchical order of jobs using proposed evaluation system; recommended revision of policies and procedures related to compensation; established appropriate benchmarking standards and conducted salary surveys as needed for similar positions with comparable municipalities as required; identified potential pay compression issues and provided potential solutions; analyzed and recommended changes to the present compensation structure to meet market analysis. This recommendation included recommendations for individual positions as well; evaluated how employees allocate their time during working hours and identified where time maybe wasted or where productivity can be enhanced; provided recommendations for guidelines, vehicles and tools for classification and compensation structure. Evergreen designed guidelines for progression within job classifications; outlined transition strategy and developed strategies for maintaining internal equity and market competitiveness over time; and assisted the County in assessing financial impacts to achieve market parity and potential inequities.