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Our Studies

Sample Case Studies

Hayward Unified School District, CA: Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Study

The Hayward Unified School District (District) has retained Evergreen Solutions to conduct a comprehensive classification and compensation study to determine if the district possesses a compensation and classification system that

Texas Southern University: Compensation Study and Pay Equity Analysis

Evergreen was hired by Texas Southern University (TSU) to conduct a Compensation Study and Pay Equity Analysis. Evergreen will review and analyze staff salaries and perform an equitable-pay analysis by

City of Fresno, CA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen is retained by the City of Fresno to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. Evergreen will review and evaluate the City’s existing classification system and compensation structure, survey fifteen

Northwest Florida State College: Compensation and Benefits Study

Evergreen was hired by Northwest Florida Community College to conduct a compensation and benefits study. Evergreen will include staff and faculty in the study. Evergreen will conduct a market salary

The School District of Lee County, FL: Compensation Structure and Framework

Evergreen Solutions is again retained by the School District of Lee County to provide a Compensation Structure and Framework. The project will determine if the salary schedules of all employee

Oconee County, SC: Classification, Compensation, and Time Use Study

Evergreen is retained by the Oconee County to conduct a Classification, Compensation, and Time Use Study. Evergreen will perform the following services: provide for a comprehensive evaluation of every job