Colorado River Water Conservation District – Compensation Study

Evergreen is retained by Colorado River District to conduct a Compensation Study. Evergreen will conduct a custom salary survey and review published data to determine base salary practices among targeted relevant employers in the area. Evergreen will use market data to create a comparative analysis of the River District’s current pay plan and provide observations and recommendations supporting the River District’s compensation strategy of maintaining a highly competitive compensation plan. 

Louisville Regional Airport Authority, KY: Classification/Pay Plan Structure and Compensation Study

Evergreen is retained by the Louisville Regional Airport Authority (Authority) to conduct a compensation study and a classification/pay grade review of the existing pay structure for all existing positions within the Authority. Evergreen will provide recommendations to ensure salaries in all positions at the Authority are internally equitable, externally competitive, and to ensure the Authority has a credible compensation and classification/pay grade structure in place that ensures positions performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, knowledge, skills, and abilities are classified together that will provide salaries commensurate with assigned duties.

Inyo County, CA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen is retained by Inyo County to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. Evergreen will perform the following: ensure that the County remains competitive in the job market when compared to similar organizations throughout California; assess identified classifications relative to the requirements of “Exempt” and “Non-Exempt” status pursuant to the criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act; recommend revisions to internal total compensation relationships that are consistent, uniform, and sustainable for the County in consideration of its budget constraints; identify positions in the County for which there are no genuine comparable positions elsewhere within comparable agencies and make recommendations to determine fair compensation; provide modern job descriptions for certain positions; ensure equitable pay relative to other County positions; and provide total compensation recommendations to the County based upon internal and external total compensation relationships.

Texas Southern University: Compensation Study and Pay Equity Analysis

Evergreen was hired by Texas Southern University (TSU) to conduct a Compensation Study and Pay Equity Analysis. Evergreen will review and analyze staff salaries and perform an equitable-pay analysis by race, ethnicity, and gender group. Evergreen will develop a compensation philosophy which aligns with operations and competitive outlook to enhance recruitment and retention for TSU. Evergreen will conduct a comprehensive analysis of current compensation program and make recommendations for improvement, while assuring consideration of target comparison market, internal equity assessment, and maintenance of a competitive comprehensive salary package. In addition, Evergreen will also conduct a total compensation market analysis, including benefits.

City of Fresno, CA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen is retained by the City of Fresno to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. Evergreen will review and evaluate the City’s existing classification system and compensation structure, survey fifteen agencies mutually agreed-upon between Local 39 and the City,  review classification specifications, salaries and other benefits, distribute and review position description questionnaires and interview employees and management personnel, draft and/or modify classification specifications, make recommendations on salaries, and provide overall subject matter expertise and recommendations on a classification and compensation structure that meets the City’s prime objective of attracting and retaining qualified talent to classifications within this bargaining unit.

Northwest Florida State College: Compensation and Benefits Study

Evergreen was hired by Northwest Florida Community College to conduct a compensation and benefits study. Evergreen will include staff and faculty in the study. Evergreen will conduct a market salary and benefits survey and provide external assessment summary, while also assessing the College’s existing compensation philosophy.