Fayette County Public Schools, KY: Comprehensive Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with Fayette County Public Schools to conduct a Comprehensive Compensation Study as well as a Staffing Study.  Evergreen will perform the following tasks: review job descriptions and conduct job analysis with employees; determine adequate staffing at the district level for operational and support areas and make recommendations to assure external competitiveness and internal equity; make recommendations for adjustments to assure internal equity and external competitiveness; assign compensatory value to various program certificates (ex. Certified Educational Office Employee, Child Development Associate Certificate, Automotive Service Excellence Certification, etc.); perform analysis of fiscal impact of implementing proposed changes as well as a proposed implementation schedule; assist in developing a communication plan for any changes being implemented; provide documentation and related tools to the District to independently maintain any strategies implemented; and present findings to the Superintendent and the FCPS Board of Education.

Kansas City Public Schools, MO: Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with Kansas City Public Schools to conduct a Compensation Study.  Evergreen’s consultants will perform the following tasks: complete on site interviews with Human Resources Team and employees performing studied job functions, in order to fully understand the operational structures and reasoning behind classification of each job position, as needed; evaluate and determine which job positions fall within an administrator category, supervisor category, and non-supervisory category; review all employee job descriptions and make recommendations for new job descriptions or updates to existing job descriptions according to the function each employee actually performs compared to their stated job description; compare all employee salaries to internal and external markets; determine if there are compression or inequity problems and make recommendations for improvements; compare all employee benefits packages to the external markets.  Determine if there are inequity problems and make recommendations for improvements; provide recommendations for supervisor and non-supervisor level salary schedules and/or ranges; and provide recommendations on implementing a tool or system that could be used in classifying new and/or future classified level positions.

Seattle Public Schools, WA: Compensation Consulting Services

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Seattle Public Schools to provide Compensation Consulting Services.  Evergreen collected data from peers using a custom salary survey for a small subset of classifications (i.e., 25) for specialized school curriculum program managers. In addition, Evergreen gathered published public survey data regarding the 260 non-represented staff classifications and analyzed results.

Raytown C-2 School District, MO: Compensation and Pay Classification Plan Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the Raytown C-2 School District to conduct a Compensation and Pay Classification Plan Study.  The objectives of the study is to conduct and implement a total compensation plan structure for the District’s workforce which will provide both internal and external equity; length of work calendar; establish a classification system that accurately describes the duties, knowledge, skills, abilities and minimum qualifications required for each job classification; determine and implement a program of accurate job descriptions based on job analysis; and develop a maintenance program for job descriptions and classification recommendations.  Evergreen’s consultants will perform a comprehensive, valid and reliable job analysis/evaluation of each job class within the District for the purpose of determining if the District’s current pay grade levels for all of the District’s positions are still valid. In addition, Evergreen will conduct a comprehensive wage and salary market survey for the purpose of ensuring that the District’s pay plan and pay structure possess external equity and labor market competitiveness.

School District of Beloit, WI: Classification, Compensation, and Total Staff Rewards Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the School District of Beloit to provide Compensation and Total Staff Rewards Consulting.  Evergreen’s consultants provided the following: consultation and expertise in the implementation and design of a sustainable compensation plan(s) allowing the School District of Beloit to remain market competitive in salary structures and total rewards packages; objective and unbiased solutions for District challenges around compensation; consultation on “right sizing” spans of control with leadership positions; consultation on creating a process for equity pay reviews; consultation on policy development to guide the HR Department to effectively administer compensation plan(s); and training and coaching around compensation plan(s). Evergreen also performed a job analysis and updated job descriptions as needed.

Dinwiddie County Public Schools, VA: Comprehensive Compensation and Classification Plan

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Dinwiddie County Public Schools to develop a Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Plan that allowed the Division to: attract and retain qualified employees; ensure positions performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, and knowledge, skills, and abilities are classified together; provide salaries commensurate with assigned duties; provide recognizable compensation growth; and maintain a competitive position with other comparable school divisions, entities and private employers within the same geographic areas.  Evergreen conducted interviews and/or job audits as appropriate in order to update job descriptions to uniformly reflect the distinguishing characteristics, essential job functions, minimum qualifications (education/experience and knowledge/skills/abilities), working conditions (physical demands, work environment, and travel requirements), and certification/licenses/registrations requirements for classification and identified Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status (exempt/non-exempt) of each position.  In addition, Evergreen reviewed the current compensation plan (salary grade levels and steps) to understand current challenges; worked with the Division’s Senior Leadership team to identify comparable labor markets including private and public sector employers; developed and conducted a comprehensive compensation survey to include stipends (Instructional and coaching) and degree supplements; and made recommendations for updating the Division’s Compensation and Classification Plans.

Grand Rapids Public Schools, MI: Limited Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Grand Rapids Public Schools to conduct a Limited Classification and Compensation Study.  The purpose of this study was to examine all non-unionized exempt and support non-exempt salaries and job classifications to validate classification content, compensation levels and determine market position. This comprehensive salary and job classification study helped ensure that the District was offering a salary and benefits package that was competitive with the public labor market for fully qualified employees when compensation comparisons were made. It also ensured that job descriptions consistently reflected actual work duties.  The study assisted the District in employing and retaining a high quality, motivated workforce.

Blaine County School District No. 61, ID: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Blaine County School District No.61 to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study for Administrators, Certified Employees, Classified Employees, Athletic Coaches, and Stipended positions. Evergreen conducted a job analysis and provided recommendations to update and/or create accurate job descriptions for the selected positions. The analysis included recommendations to condense position descriptions where positions are of the same job family and classification as well as to create internal career “ladders” for some positions (e.g., Custodian I, II, Lead Custodian, Custodial Supervisor).  Evergreen further conducted an external market study of comparative employers to determine if salaries in all categories were competitive. The study included a compensation plan focused on internal equity and included a guideline for future new job descriptions and related compensation as well as how to review established job descriptions and make related adjustments to compensation.  In the end, Evergreen recommended a classification and compensation structure that would attract and retain high caliber employees, and that would employ a clear path of career progression.

Surry County Public Schools, VA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Surry County Public Schools to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study.  Evergreen conducted a job analysis to determine internal equity and conducted a salary survey of peer organizations to determine the competitiveness of the Division salary structure.  Evergreen also reviewed and revised job descriptions and made FLSA determinations.

Rock Hill Schools, SC: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was again hired with the Rock Hill School District (District) to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study.  Evergreen’s consultants reviewed the current classification and compensation methodology and systems for the District and used our Job Assessment Tool (JAT) and Management Issues Tool/(MIT) to gather data for recommendations to these systems.  A market survey was conducted to gather further data to determine external equity among the District’s positions and further recommendations were made.  In addition, Evergreen conducted an Organizational Structure Study to develop comprehensive organizational charts.