Lansing Community College, MI: Consulting Services – HR  

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Lansing Community College to provide Consulting Services – Human Resources. Evergreen’s consultants performed the following tasks:

  • reviewed job descriptions, current classification definitions, current salary schedules, and the AFT union contract which may impact the study results (This also included review of division organization and staffing, as well as current personnel practices and policies that impact pay and performance);
  • conferred with Human Resources, Executive Leadership Team and Union Leaders in order to review input regarding their views of compensation problems and needs, and to identify specific areas of concern;
  • conferred with leaders in each of LCC’s ten divisions/work areas to better understand the nature of work performed by employees and the levels of responsibility and reporting relationships;
  • prepared recommended pay grade and range schedules and assignments to pay grades for each class of work in the compensation plan; and
  • provided consultation regarding job titles to ensure they are consistent within LCC and consistent with industry specific titles.

San Jacinto Community College, TX: Compensation Consulting Services

Evergreen Solutions was retained by San Jacinto Community College to provide Compensation Consulting Services. Evergreen provided consultation and advisement in the following areas: review and analysis of the College’s current pay structures in line with competitive market and best practices; review and analysis of the College’s guidelines for determining the source of informational data and methods of collecting and analyzing the data; review and analysis of the current staff and administrator salary structure for grades thirty-two (32) and below regarding market equity and applicability; review and analysis of the current staff and administrator salary structure for grades thirty-two (32) and below regarding potential realignment of individual staff positions in an effort to align with market conditions; conduct an internal equity study for staff and administrator positions; review and analysis of hierarchical job titles reflecting levels of accountability; review and analysis of the method of determining starting salaries for new employees; review and analysis of the current job classification system; and review and analysis of the College’s compensation philosophy that is linked to the College’s mission and strategic plan, accountability-based performance evaluation system, differentiated compensation, and results-based orientation. Note: Evergreen Solutions was again retained by San Jacinto Community College to provide Faculty Compensation Consulting Services.

Northwest Missouri State University: Total Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Northwest Missouri State University to conduct a Total Compensation Study. Evergreen analyzed the University’s current pay and benefit practices to determine whether they were competitive for its industry and geographic location in an effort to assist the University in attracting top talent. Evergreen developed a philosophy for calculating compensation for additional responsibilities above the base job expectations (temporary assignments, internship supervisors, extended season payments, etc.) and reported to the University. In the end, Evergreen provided recommendations to either adopt an alternative compensation structure or to maintain the current structure.

Robeson Community College, NC: Development of an Employee Compensation Plan

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Robeson Community College to develop an Employee Compensation Plan. Evergreen’s consultants ensured salaries were in accordance and aligned with any salary requirements, or guidance, outlined by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges and/ or North Carolina Legislature and obtained salary plans from comparable community colleges to identify competitive and strategic salary plans that would drive externally equitable salaries. Evergreen provided a comparison to the North Carolina Community College System ranges (to determine where Robeson Community College ranked within the System for positions and categories – a breakdown of the system, and regional salary amounts), and included public records from external organizations in the market area (such as City of Fayetteville, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Bladen and Columbus County). In the end, Evergreen worked with senior college officials to identify a plan that would best suit the needs of a progressive leading community college.

Texas A & M University: Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Texas A & M University – San Antonio (TAMUSA) to conduct a Compensation Study. Evergreen’s consultants performed the following tasks: identified positions and incumbents where salaries were not competitive based on use of compensable factors and ratios; validated that entry level pay grade minimums were comparable to the current San Antonio market; developed a plan to increase salaries to a competitive level to include phase-in options; developed guidelines to maintain internal equity and continue to compensate employees at competitive rates; and assisted in recommending pay grades for staff members that were currently not tied to a formal pay grade (i.e., approximately 54 staff needed to be linked to an appropriate pay grade range).

Mary Baldwin University, VA: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Mary Baldwin University to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. The primary objectives of the scope of services were to: ensure positions performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, and knowledge, skills, and abilities are classified together; provide wages commensurate with assigned duties; clearly outline promotional opportunities and provide recognizable compensation growth; provide justifiable pay differential between individual classes; and maintain a competitive position with other comparable government entities, non‐profits with similar characteristics, and private employers within the same geographic area to attract and retain qualified employees.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College, MI: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study. Evergreen’s consultants performed the following tasks:

  • evaluated staff and administrator jobs to determine if adjustments may be necessary;
  • reviewed, revised and aligned current position descriptions as needed for benchmarking, also taking into consideration the corresponding essential functions, skills, abilities, education/experience, supervision received, licensing/certification requirements, training etc.
  • reviewed the classification of all existing staff and administrator jobs and their current pay grades (i.e. grades 1-15);
  • established appropriate benchmarking standards and conduct salary surveys as needed for similar positions with comparable local, statewide and regional Institutions. Analyzed and recommended changes to the present compensation structure based upon findings in market analysis;
  • reviewed compensation related practices impacting progression on salary scales and provide recommendations for improvement;
  • conducted overall review of total compensation system (including salary and benefits); identify potential compression and inequities in compensation; review administration of current system and provide recommendations for improvement;
  • surveyed comparable compensation, recruitment, retention and engagement plans, recommending best practices;
  • developed process and system for scheduled performance management; and
  • developed systems to tie compensation to performance.

Davis Technical College, UT: HR Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Davis Technical College to conduct an HR Compensation Study faculty and staff. The following were the objectives of the study:

  • perform assessment of integration between the College’s compensation philosophy and practices in relation to human capital strategy and business objectives;
  • evaluate opportunities for improvement to ensure the organization is well-positioned to attract and retain a skilled labor force that will support organizational objectives and goals;
  • provide recommendations regarding how to define the College’s relevant external geographic labor markets used for benchmarking. Specifically, provide guidance on achieving a successful balance between being competitive within the education industry while also being sufficiently competitive to entice human capital from the non-education industry within the relevant geographic labor market;
  • assess accuracy of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designations to job descriptions and provide recommendations with regards to exempt vs non-exempt status;
  • assess current point factor method and compensable factors used for evaluating and grading faculty and staff positions;
  • assess each group’s pay scale and its corresponding positions providing recommendations regarding updates, modifications or alternate methods to ensure equitable compensation among the positions; and
  • perform salary survey data analysis to assess the College’s current level of competitiveness using benchmark jobs relative to similar sized organizations.

St. Petersburg College, FL: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with St. Petersburg College to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study for faculty and staff. Evergreen performed the following tasks: reviewed current classification grade methodology and proposed recommended strategies for the College; conducted interviews and/or job audits to determine redundancies and inefficiencies; updated job descriptions; identified career ladders/promotional opportunities; provided a maintenance system to keep the classification structure current and equitable; and provided training to HR to ensure that staff can administer the new system in the future.

Virginia State University: Campus Climate Survey and Salary Analysis

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Virginia State University to conduct a Campus Climate Survey, Salary Analysis and provide an Administration Plan. The University’s Campus Climate Survey provided stakeholders’ opinions on a variety of issues including, but not limited to, campus environment, institutional policies and practices, shared governance, job satisfaction, customer service, change management, inclusion, staff development, talent acquisition and management, interpersonal relations and teamwork, leadership, and communications. The Faculty and Staff Compensation Study and Salary Administration Plan provided information regarding internal equity and an action plan for the University to be more competitive in the marketplace in attracting and retaining qualified employees.