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Allegheny County, PA: Race and Gender Audit

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Allegheny County to conduct a Race and Gender Audit. The audit provided the County with a detailed analysis of data by gender and race of employees and of human resource policies and practices to identify where gender and race pay issues exist. Specifically, the Gender and Race Equity Audit addressed recruitment and hiring practices, compensation systems, job evaluation systems, and training, development, and promotional practices.

Evergreen’s methodology involved conducting statistical analysis on existing pay levels to determine if current pay levels within existing classifications are characterized by gender or racial bias. Furthermore, Evergreen reviewed the job analysis input from a random sample of jobs and compare the essential work tasks included in the job analysis with the job descriptions. Desk audits were conducted on select classes to verify that work performed is consistent with job descriptions. In addition, Evergreen assessedd the overall processes for recruitment, promotion, and transfer from need identification until action and the resulting outcomes. One goal of the study was to ultimately determine the impact of the current system on women and minorities and devise allocation of classifications based on internal equity criteria.

In the end, Evergreen provided the County with a comprehensive report which identifies specific study findings as well as: a thorough costing analysis of potential changes to revised classification and compensation system; a comprehensive comparable worth job analysis and allocation system, with corresponding procedures for implementation; recommendations for monitoring the revised system; and training recommendations for human resources staff.