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Town of Colchester, VT: Community Visioning and Strategic Planning

The Town of Colchester selected Evergreen to provide community visioning and to develop a strategic plan to ensure alignment of strategy development as well as successful resource allocation between the four “images” of the community-an agricultural hub, tourist destination, bedroom community, and business location. The process ultimately led to a shared vision and direction between the Town’s four unique areas of the community.

As part of the initiative, Evergreen worked closely with the Town’s Steering Committee to design a public outreach campaign that will include public relations, education, outreach and involvement so as to involve the whole community in the visioning process. Specific tools and processes will be designed and implemented by Evergreen to assist in the process, including outreach materials, press releases, training initiatives, and forum meetings and groups. Additional, Evergreen closely monitored the strategic development process to ensure key components are included.

A summary document captured relevant information from each step to the process, and in the end, the Town had a comprehensive vision with a list of goals, objectives, and action steps to guide its overall direction for the next five years.