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New Hanover Count New Hanover ABC Board, NC: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen was retained by New Hanover County and the New Hanover Alcohol Beverage Control Board to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study for its employees. Evergreen’s consultants conducted an employee classification and compensation study of public and private employers who were providing equitable services and, based on that study, determined if individualized position/job descriptions were needed, and if so, assisted in the development of these descriptions. Evergreen prepared a comprehensive analysis that identified New Hanover County’s competitive position in the labor market and provided a recommendation for total salaries and benefits, including the total compensation package of insurance and other benefits (including paid leave) and, prepared recommendations for compensation policies, including variable incentive pay options, to maintain competitiveness, reward employees, and ensure equity.

Select County and ABC Board was provided the necessary training and materials so that an understanding of the methodology and how to implement, administer, and maintain the recommended total classification and compensation system can be accomplished.