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Yadkin County, NC: Performance Audit of Health Department

Yadkin County, NC selected Evergreen Solutions to conduct a Performance Audit of the Yadkin County Health Department. The purpose of the Performance Audit was to conduct an objective and systemic examination of the Health Department using a structured and professionally adopted methodology to evaluate overall efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. The foundation of Evergreen’s approach methodology for this study was based on the simple premise of aligning needs with resources in an optimal manner; specifically, alignment of communication, resources, processes, and organizational objectives.

Evergreen’s conceptual model for completing such a study was designed with a top down approach. That is, higher level strategic needs such as citizen expectations, community needs, and relative resources are first assessed during the audit. Then, individual service models for specific functional areas were analyzed. Finally, operational components such as organization and management, resources management, and policies and procedures were assessed for inefficiencies. This top down approach was optimal for identifying areas in which the Health Department could become more efficient, effective, and productive.

In the end, Evergreen presented a final report of the findings, commendations, and recommendations to the Yadkin County Board of County Commissioners which will provide specific recommendations and implementation plans to optimize Yadkin Health Department’s overall performance.