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Town of Mount Pleasant, SC: Wage and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions assisted the Town of Mt. Pleasant with a comprehensive wage and compensation study in which selected municipalities and businesses in the Town of Mt. Pleasant area were surveyed to assess the market competiveness of the Town of Mt. Pleasant’s current compensation system. Aside from general compensation, the study was designed to assess: incentive pay for licenses, certifications, educational attainment as well as longevity pay; policies regarding take home vehicles and uniform payment; pay for performance systems; and employee performance appraisal tools and documentation.

In addition to reviewing the Town’s compensation structure and competiveness, Evergreen’s process established a sustainable maintenance plan for the pay system, as well as a maintenance plan for the Town’s pay for performance system in order to ensure continued competitiveness with market area peers. In addition, Evergreen reviewed the Town’s job descriptions and made changes where necessary to ensure that documented duties reflect those duties actually being performed by Town employees. To conclude the study, Evergreen issued a comprehensive report detailing findings and providing recommendations to Town leaders.