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William James City Public Schools, VA: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Williamsburg James City Public Schools (WJCPS) to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study of certified and support staff. The study included employee focus groups, job evaluations, salary and benefits market analysis, and recommendations. In addition, the study assessed longevity pay, pay for performance, compensation for advanced degrees, and other innovative compensation approaches. Market analysis included a market assessment of similar school divisions, municipalities, and private employers to ensure the compensation system at WJCPS was competitive with the area’s labor market.

Specifically, Evergreen reviewed salary structures for all teachers, support staff, and administrators and propose structures that were clear and understandable. This process included the review and validation of existing job placements within the proposed compensation structure for support staff and administrators. To accomplish this, Evergreen’s team conducted a comprehensive salary study to establish current market levels of compensation for surveyed positions, using market peer organizations. For teaching classifications, Evergreen proposed a competitive pay rate applicable to each step in the teacher compensation structure, whereas for support staff and administrators, Evergreen proposed a minimum, midpoint, and maximum rate for each grade. The final report included a proposed phased approach to funding the new pay system. All in all, Evergreen ensured that external equity in the pay system was present at WJCPS.

Internally, Evergreen reviewed documentation and equity of WJCPS’ current compensation system. In validating job functions for all employees, Evergreen ensured that staffing levels were efficient for school district operations, reviewed FLSA determinations, and ensured ADA requirements were accurate. At the end of the study, Evergreen consultants produced a comprehensive report detailing the findings and recommendations of the study.