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Town of Colchester, VT: Departmental Job Analysis, Classification and Efficiency Study

In September 2009, the Town of Colchester retained Evergreen Solutions to assist with an efficiency and effectiveness review of Town operations. The study included a multi-disciplinary approach to gaining input from employees, managers, elected officials, and citizens. Data was collected through employee focus groups, employee and manager surveys, manager interviews,  a community survey, employee job analysis, benchmark analysis, and process review sessions. An overall operational model was created to summarize Town operations and link employee tasks, major functional activities, key business processes, and services or programs together for all levels of the organization and analyze the value, performance and resources for each element.

The results of the model were compared to current and potential outcomes through gap analysis and a series of recommendations were created to address the current and future needs of the Town. Each recommendation was then be coupled with specific action plans, timelines, resource outcomes, and assignment of duties. In addition, the current classification structure was updated to ensure that the documented division of work matched organizational reality.