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Toledo Public Schools, OH: Performance Audit of District Operations

Evergreen Solutions was selected by the Toledo Board of Education to conduct a Performance Audit of District Operations in Toledo Public Schools. The 90-day Performance Audit included a comprehensive review of central office management; human resources and personnel management; curriculum and instruction; facilities use and management; financial management; transportation; food services; technology; and safety and security. The Evergreen team conducted two extended visits to the district to evaluate operations, including a diagnostic review to gather preliminary data and information on the district, as well as a secondary visit to conduct an in-depth review of each operation.

Evergreen used a number of tools and techniques to conduct the study and to gather information from all stakeholders. In addition to site visits consisting of interviews and focus groups, Evergreen surveyed central office administrators, principals, and teachers. Further, Toledo Public Schools was benchmarked against several peer school districts to assess service delivery, efficiency, and effectiveness. Evergreen paired the results of these activities with a review of operations against industry best practice for each operation to make recommendations on improvements in Toledo Public Schools.

The study concluded with a detailed report on findings and resulting recommendations; each of which detailed implementation steps for the district. Resulting findings and recommendations aligned with the existing mission, strategies, and goals of the district.