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Sullivan County Community College, NY: Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant Program Evaluation

Evergreen Solutions was selected to provide evaluator services to Sullivan County Community College’s (SCCC) Emergency Management for Higher Education grant program. Evergreen evaluators assessed the effectiveness of the grant program in improving and enhancing campus emergency management planning efforts and stakeholder awareness. Additionally, the evaluation determined whether the overall objectives of the grant are being met effectively, with high quality, and in accordance with requirements. The grant evaluator continuously monitored and evaluated the outcomes and effectiveness of this project, including ensuring SCCC is on track in meeting all federal requirements.

There were eight objectives which SCCC strived to realize through the EMHE grant program. These included preparing an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that uses the Incident Command System; improving framework to address the four phases of emergency management; increasing key personnel that are trained in the National Incident Management System; engaging integral local and community partners in the planning process; conducting emergency first responder ‘walk through’ drills and practicum for administration, staff, faculty, and students and first responders; ensuring partner and stakeholder, collaboration and cooperation with the EOP; adhering to Homeland Security Executive Order 489 in the development of the EOP; and ensuring “Green” emergency management planning incorporation is implemented. Evergreen used a combination of qualitative and quantitative review – including benchmarking, surveys, and data analysis – to determine the success of each objective.