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Stafford County Public Schools, VA: Efficiency Study

Evergreen was engaged with Stafford County Public School to conduct an efficiency review of the school division. To accomplish this, Evergreen’s consultants reviewed: administrative and operational support systems to assure maximization of financial resources; long-term fiscal planning, budgeting, and related areas; long-term planning and facility needs to accommodate student population and programs; availability, organization, and delivery of instructional services and support systems for students, including scope of program and course offerings; technology planning, systems, and utilization present and projected as needed for instructional and administrative support; human resource components, such as recruitment, training, professional development, salary and benefits, and systemic leadership and collegial participatory opportunities; operational areas such as food services, transportation, and facilities management; and organization for central administrative services; school organization issues, including grade configuration; and utilization effectiveness.

In the end, Evergreen provided recommendations on ways to improve the utilization of resources and, therefore, improve efficiency of the school division.