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St. Thomas University, FL: Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant Evaluation

In July 2009, St. Thomas University selected Evergreen Solutions to evaluate an Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant. The purpose of the grant was to fund higher education institution projects with the purpose to develop, review, improve, and fully integrate all campus-based emergency management planning efforts. With the 18-month federal grant, a Campus Community Emergency Planning for Safety (C-CEPS) Consortium was created in cooperation with neighboring institutions Barry University and Florida Memorial. The consortium participated in the development of college-wide and campus-based emergency management plans and training programs.

In order to ensure the overall goals and specific objectives of the grant were being met, Evergreen Solutions established a customized work plan to evaluate the execution of the grant. These tasks focused on addressing St. Thomas University’s objectives including developing emergency management and preparedness materials based on best practices, increasing overall awareness of hazards and emergency procedures, and training University faculty, staff, and students to be more efficient and effective in emergency procedures.