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Rock Hill Schools, SC: Evaluation and Analysis of Operations Department

Rock Hill Schools contracted with Evergreen Solutions to provide a comprehensive assessment of its Operations Department in which Evergreen Solutions evaluated six specific functional areas of the department. Evergreen Solutions’ project approach used several methodologies and tools to both plan and manage the school district study while following a customized work plan based on our experience in conducting facilities, plant operations, and operational studies in school districts around the country.

Areas that were included in the evaluation were: personnel, including organization and staffing levels, administration and management staff, office support staff, maintenance staff, grounds staff, and custodial staff; procedures, including payroll and time reporting, work order system authorization and control, purchasing procedures, budget procedures and cost controls, preventive maintenance, warehousing, safety, and emergency preparedness; fleet vehicles and equipment management; energy management and control; training and skill development programs; and internal and external communications.