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Roanoke County Public Schools, VA: Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the County of Roanoke to conduct a Compensation Study of all pay scales for Roanoke County Public Schools (RCPS). To accomplish this, Evergreen conducted a full market salary analysis with comparable labor markets and developed a new compensation philosophy that supported RCPS efforts to attract and retain the best talent, while establishing a consistent and competitive market position within budgetary restrictions.

Evergreen will perform the following tasks: analyze and update salary schedules while minimizing compression and assuring internal fairness and external competitiveness; establish guidelines that govern classification and compensation for all RCPS employees and include recommendations for compensation guidelines that will protect the integrity of the compensation system when, or if budget constraints threaten the system; and evaluate all contracted RCPS employees’ current salaries and make recommendations to establish proper salary placement, eliminate compression issues, and close the gap where inequities occur. Include the financial cost to the district, timelines, and an implementation strategy. In the end, Evergreen will recommend employee compensation models that will be competitive with surrounding school divisions.