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Richland Two School District, SC: Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Study

Evergreen Solutions conduted an Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Study in the Richland Two School District. The study included a comprehensive analysis of programs and operations involving on-site visits; surveys and focus groups with central office administrators, school administrators, and teachers; and a comprehensive analysis of operational data. During the process, Richland Two was benchmarked against comparison school districts to measure the relative efficiency and effectiveness of the district’s operations. In addition, Evergreen requested input from community stakeholders including parents, employees, and the community at large through submission of email-based feedback.

The study focused on instructional improvements as well as efficiency and effectiveness improvements to non-instructional operations such as finance, facilities, safety and security, transportation, human resources, technology, and district organization and management. In total, nine functional areas were assessed during the study period. For each function, Evergreen systematically evaluated processes, systems, and operations using specific performance review procedures. In the end, the Evergreen team presented a comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations to improve operations.