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Raytown C-2 School District, MO: Compensation and Pay Classification Plan Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Raytown C-2 School District to conduct a Compensation and Pay Classification Plan Study.  The objectives of the study were to conduct and implement a total compensation plan structure for the District’s workforce which would provide both internal and external equity; length of work calendar; establish a classification system that would accurately describe the duties, knowledge, skills, abilities and minimum qualifications required for each job classification; determine and implement a program of accurate job descriptions based on job analysis; and develop a maintenance program for job descriptions and classification recommendations.  Evergreen’s consultants performed a comprehensive, valid and reliable job analysis/evaluation of each job class within the District for the purpose of determining whether the District’s current pay grade levels for all of the District’s positions were still valid. In addition, Evergreen then conducted a comprehensive wage and salary market survey for the purpose of ensuring that the District’s pay plan and pay structure possessed external equity and labor market competitiveness.