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Pinellas County Schools, FL: School Improvement Grant Evaluation

Evergreen Solutions was selected by Pinellas County Schools to evaluate the district’s School Improvement Grant (SIG). SIG funds were used to provide adequate resources in order to raise substantially the achievement of students in low-performing schools. Evergreen evaluated Pinellas County Schools’ SIG to determine if the intervention implementation is effective and on track. The evaluation was based on the stated objectives of the grant program. These goals included transforming school culture through initiatives aimed at improving staff knowledge and skills; enriching curriculum by improving teacher pedagogical skills and developing high quality curriculum units; and building connections related to parent involvement, student-teacher relationships, and community involvement in school activity.

Evergreen’s evaluation focused on establishing a baseline in student performance data, teacher and stakeholder perception, and observations, and periodically comparing these baselines to ongoing performance data to measure improvement based on predetermined indicators. Evergreen continually reported performance and recommended adjustments to delivery and implementation of SIG activities to school leaders.