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Orange County Public Schools, FL: Evaluation of ESE Program

Evergreen Solutions was selected by Orange County Public Schools to conduct a comprehensive program evaluation of its Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Program to determine program effectiveness in supporting positive outcomes for students receiving special education and gifted services. The program evaluation identified areas of strength and areas for improvement in the organization and delivery of services.

As part of the evaluation, Evergreen conducted an analysis of the characteristics of the School Board of Orange County (SBOC) Exceptional Student Education population and their outcomes and an analysis of program effectiveness in specific task areas to include: The Continuum of Services including regular class supports of consultation, support facilitation and co-teaching, resource room, separate classrooms, center school sites and separate day schools.

Upon completion of the evaluation, Evergreen provided a final report to the SBOC with information and guidance that can enhance the district’s efforts in the continuous improvement to expand learning and other positive outcomes for special education and gifted students.