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Nash-Rocky Mount Schools, NC: Performance Audit

Evergreen was engaged with Nash County Board of Commissioners to conduct a Performance Audit to study and evaluate the extent to which Nash-Rocky Mount Schools (NRMS) was staffed and how it functioned within the system’s budget constraints in order to perform effectively and efficiently. The study resulted in recommendations on ways to improve the utilization of resources and, therefore, improve efficiency in NRMS.

To accomplish this, Evergreen’s consultants compared the NRMS organizational structure to comparably-sized, high-performing, selected districts for benchmarking with a three-year history; compared NRMS to other selected school districts with regard to performance for students by gender and by ethnicity; evaluated the NRMS organizational structure (all positions other than classroom teachers as defined by DPI) in light of its cost efficiency and effectiveness in its delivery of services; and evaluated the NRMS administrative and School Board travel and training expenses for efficiency, effectiveness and benefit to the school system. In addition, they identified redundancies, including those related to “contracted services” and “workshops”, and ways to streamline the organization, effect savings and to assure effective operations and support to schools; evaluated all local dollars appropriated comparing budget presented to county commissioners versus actual expenditures for the past fiscal year; compared how many local classroom teachers were being allocated versus five, ten, etc, years ago versus how much local money was being used for administrators now versus years ago; and provided information on laws or polices related to the process for budget transfers.