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Montana Office of Public Instruction: Data Access Research Taskforce Survey (DART)

Evergreen was selected by the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) to conduct the 2014 Data Access Research Taskforce (DART) Survey. Evergreen understands that the overarching goal of the survey was to inform decisions within OPI’s IT Division to better meet the needs of schools and districts related to data collection systems. The purpose of this project was to: 1) review, revise, and finalize the DART Survey instrument used in Fall 2012 using input from various OPI staff; 2) administer the revised DART Survey in Fall 2014 to all schools and districts served by the Montana OPI using Evergreen’s survey instrument; 3) analyze and report survey results once the survey is complete to establish a baseline for further improvement and measurement; and 4) present results back to OPI in a way that can also be distilled for schools and districts.