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Missouri Western State University: Comprehensive Market Survey and Compensation Plan Study

In February 2008, Evergreen Solutions kicked off a Comprehensive Market Salary Survey and Compensation Plan Study for all non-faculty jobs at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. Evergreen Solutions consultants worked with the University’s Salary Review and Compensation Committee to select benchmark job titles and market peer organizations to survey. Market comparisons were made at the local, regional, state, and national levels. Once data was collected using the survey tool, Evergreen Solutions provided detailed and comprehensive recommendations for revision and update the University’s pay plans, including projected costs for implementation. Finally, Evergreen Solutions staff provided compensation administration guidelines for continued administration of the updated pay plans. Missouri Western State University is a four-year, state-supported institution providing undergraduate and graduate programs through the colleges of liberal arts and professional studies. In addition, the University offers continuing education courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops suited to the needs of the community and serving groups throughout the nation.