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Manchester Public Schools, CT: Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Study

Evergreen Solutions was selected to conduct an Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Study for Manchester Public Schools. The primary intent of this study was to review the operation of the district’s central office and business operations (human resources, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable and budget) to make recommendations on staffing and required qualifications and the improvement of the overall efficiency and efficacy of the offices and practices. In addition, the middle management (defined as principals, assistant principals, department heads, directors, coordinators, specialists, supervisors) structure and functions were analyzed to ensure that the leadership and services provided are efficient and effective in support of the district’s educational program.

The study documented the current allocation of resources and the anticipated allocation of resources to meet the needs of the district as envisioned by key stakeholders. The goal of the study was to create a cost-effective administrative system that would support the educational program and served the district well into the future.