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Manatee County, FL: Compensation Analysis

Evergreen Solutions was hired by Manatee County to assist with a county-wide update to the County’s Compensation and Classification Plan for its entire workforce. The goal of this project was to assist the County with continuing to attain their goal of maintaining a sound process to provide a classification and pay structure that was fair, equitable, and systematic with a compensation plan comparable with other governmental jurisdictions and the private sector. To accomplish this, Evergreen examined the County’s JATs and grades using the original classification and compensation plan. Using the plan, Evergreen’s consultants: created a new employee database; reviewed any job descriptions that were changed since the 2009 study; discussed alternative scoring methodologies; validated the proposed methodology; scored all classifications based on the previous JAT information; slotted the newly scored classifications into the current pay plan; and provided the new scores to HR staff for review and feedback.

Evergreen’s consultants also surveyed the market, identified whether the County’s midpoints were competitive at the 50th percentile, and then recommended any re-grades that needed to be done to slot individual positions based on market for that position, irrespective of the compensable factors. In the end, Evergreen facilitated a meeting with all Department Directors to review the final calibrated positions and made any necessary adjustments.