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Loudoun County, VA: Classification and Compensation Study (Phase II)

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Loudoun County to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study (Phase II). Evergreen accomplished the objectives of the Phase II of the study by performing the following tasks: developed recommendations on a strategy to implement and administer a compensation philosophy range of 95 percent to 105 percent of the comparator market; conducted a comprehensive benchmark market analysis of all County jobs; developed a new market competitive pay plan to include an open range pay plan for the general workforce and a “grade and step” pay plan for Public Safety positions; provided recommendations for any additional pay incentives and supplements that would assist in maintaining competitive pay as described in Loudoun’s compensation philosophy; developed a new comprehensive classification system that allowed for more levels and specificity within and across each job group, to include the development of standardized job descriptions; obtained an analysis of pay compression within the County and provided recommendations for addressing pay compression once a new pay plan was implemented; and developed recommendations for revisions to the Board approved classification and compensation policies found in Chapter 5 of the Human Resources Handbook.