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Los Angeles Unified School District, CA: Common Core Technology Project (CCTP) Evaluation

Evergreen Solutions is a subcontractor to the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to conduct a five-year evaluation of the Common Core Technology Project for the Los Angeles Unified School District. The purpose of this evaluation is to describe the organizational structure and lines of communication and decision making among participating committees and departments, and how that structure supports planning, implementation, and continuous improvement. Evergreen’s primary responsibility will be to conduct focus groups and interviews district administrators and central office staff responsible for leading and/or supporting CCTP implementation and representatives of major vendors and stakeholder groups. Evergreen will also interview members of CCTP planning committees who are not district-level staff.

During each stage of the initiative, Evergreen will collect key documents describing the organizational structure of district leadership. This will include organizational charts, memos, notes from public and private meetings of key committees, and external communications that are provided to schools and to the broader public, particularly those documents that outline the goals of the initiative and the expectations for piloting and implementation. In the later stages of the evaluation, evergreen will work with the evaluation team will determine whether the documents have been revised or updated. AIR and Evergreen will collaborate on identifying what to collect and on developing a coding framework. Evergreen will collect, review and code the documents, then summarize findings and integrate with findings from interviews.

Evergreen will work with AIR each year to develop Interim and Formative Evaluation Reports as well as the Annual Report at the conclusion of year of the evaluation which will involve a review of previous findings to depict how the project has changed over the course of the various stages of the evaluation.