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Kalamazoo Valley Community College, MI: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study.  Evergreen’s consultants will perform the following tasks: evaluate staff and administrator jobs to determine if adjustments may be necessary;  review, revise and align current position descriptions as needed for benchmarking, also taking into consideration the corresponding essential functions, skills, abilities, education/experience, supervision received, licensing/certification requirements, training etc; review the classification of all existing staff and administrator jobs and their current pay grades (i.e. grades 1-15); establish appropriate benchmarking standards and conduct salary surveys as needed for similar positions with comparable local, statewide and regional Institutions. Analyze and recommend changes to the present compensation structure based upon findings in market analysis; review compensation related practices impacting progression on salary scales and provide recommendations for improvement; conduct overall review of total compensation system (including salary and benefits); identify potential compression and inequities in compensation; review administration of current system and provide recommendations for improvement; survey comparable compensation, recruitment, retention and engagement plans, recommending best practices; develop process and system for scheduled performance management; and develop systems to tie compensation to performance.