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Horry County Schools, SC: Consultant Services for Facilities Department Processes

Evergreen Solutions was hired by Horry County Schools to provide consulting services for Facility Department processes in the areas of capital improvement, custodial, and maintenance.

In the area of capital improvement, Evergreen consultant’s assisted in developing standard processes and procedures for the construction, installation, and/or assembly of capital projects including, new assets, or the alteration, expansion, or extension of an existing asset to accommodate a change of function or unmet programmatic needs. Evergreen worked with Horry County Schools to establish an annual schedule for the review of sustainment projects so that the Board and community would know what was planned.

In the area of custodial, Evergreen’s consultants developed an improved management system for work activities performed on a recurring basis throughout the year for the purpose of meeting routine, daily operational needs. Work activities included the daily work of cleaning and recurring maintenance performed by custodians, grounds workers, and general maintenance crews.

In the area of maintenance, Evergreen’s consultant’s developed an improved management system for work activities performed on either an unscheduled or a scheduled basis to resolve current maintenance deficiencies. These work activities included corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance for buildings, structures, as well as installed building equipment (113E) in accordance with manufacturer and industry standards.

In the end, Evergreen trained all staff on new standards, guidebook and processes with fully functional District leadership and provided assistance in developing future staff development and training opportunities.