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Halifax County, NC: Feasibility Study for School System Improvements

Evergreen Solutions was selected by Halifax County, North Carolina to conduct consulting and related services to provide an in-depth Feasibility Study on the potential for consolidating school systems or making other improvements in Halifax County’s three public school systems. The primary intent of this study was to review the operations of the three school districts to make recommendations on improvement of the overall efficiency and efficacy of their operations. In the end, Evergreen submitted to Halifax County a comprehensive report detailing options for improving the school systems, which included an evaluation of the pros and cons of consolidating the three districts.

The study included a detailed analysis of specific areas of the three districts, including the financial situation as it presently stood with the three school systems; the educational impact of each school system; student populations and how best to assign students to schools; future population estimates to plan for accommodating the expected number of students; and other information as relevant to the comprehensive nature of the study. Evergreen’s Team used a combination of tools to collect and analyze pertinent data, including peer district benchmarking, best practice databases, online surveys, survey benchmark database, and interviews and questionnaires.