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Guam Public School System: Management and Curriculum Audit and Audit of Food Services Program

The purpose of this project was to provide an objective Management and Curriculum Audit for the Guam Public School System. Evergreen Solutions conducted an independent management and curriculum audit using nationally recognized auditing standards, inclusive of academic (curricular) programs and operational (support) services.

The school management and curriculum audit identified and assessed deficiencies in GPSS’s organizational structure; compliance with federal and local laws; compliance with board policies; physical and operational security; workflow designs and management; internal controls; staffing levels and competencies; management levels and competencies; management practices; training standards and practices; compliance and creation of policies and procedures; adequacy of facilities; physical plant management effectiveness and efficiency; technical and administrative infrastructure; redundancy of systems and procedures; productivity and quality standards; recruitment, certification, and training of teachers; and recruitment, training and staff development.

P.L. 29-19, Section 84 requires that a management and curriculum audit of the Guam Public School System be conducted. There is a need to conduct periodic assessments of the Guam Public School System for the following purposes:

  • to ascertain whether the System is providing an adequate public education as defined by the Title 1 GCA 715;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of GPSS administrators in implementing board policy and in fulfilling assigned objectives;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of GPSS-instructional personnel and their ability to meet curriculum goals; and
  • to recommend alternatives to correct systemic deficiencies and to improve the ability of GPSS personnel to fulfill assigned objectives.

In June 2008, Evergreen Solutions consultants returned to Guam to conduct an Audit of the Food Services Program for the Public School System. The review looked at financial performance, breakfast and lunch participation rates, catering services, and food quality. The audit compared the outsourcing of food services to the internal food services operation in GPSS.