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Grand County, CO: Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Grand County to conduct a compensation study.  Evergreen performed the following tasks: reviewed current personnel practices and policies that impacted pay and performance; reviewed legal provisions and requirements, including statutory requirements that might have impacted the study; conferred with the County Manager, Elected Officials, Department Heads and Human Resources Director in order to review input regarding their views of compensation problems and needs, and identified specific areas of concern; reviewed County jobs in order to prepare an appropriate pay survey and fringe benefit questionnaire; prepared a survey tool that sought entry level, mid-point and maximum pay for each key class included; performed analysis of pay and benefit data provided by peer organizations; prepared recommended pay grade and range schedules and assignments to pay grades for each class of work; determined appropriate internal relationships of the classes based upon classification factors; and developed a salary schedule or schedules that met the needs of the County’s compensation program and related to the County’s labor market.