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Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Business Case Analysis

Evergreen Solutions was selected by the State of Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs to develop a business case analysis of three options to determine the most cost effective structure to ensure the highest quality of care to operate the state veteran’s long-term healthcare facilities. The objective was to ensure high quality of care by utilizing current professional standards of practice, ensuring resident and staff satisfaction, measuring the ability to meet the physical and clinical needs of the residents, and achieving the desired health outcomes as specified in individual care plans. Evergreen conducted operational forecasting in combination with analyzing the current operating environment of the department.

During the analysis, Evergreen measured nursing home quality by assessing staff levels, health inspections, and quality measures as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Through this process, Evergreen determined the most effective and efficient ways to deliver services. In the end, a recommended option for providing the most efficient and effective services was made by Evergreen to ensure financial sustainability based on current levels of revenue and expense at the department.