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Florida Department of Management Services: Best Practices Study and Human Resource Strategic Planning

The Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) retained Evergreen Solutions to create a statewide workforce strategic plan. The purpose of this project was to develop a strategic planning document with recommendations that served as the State’s roadmap for human resource policy guidance for the next five years. This roadmap assisted DMS in providing innovative, world-class human resource services designed to recruit, retain, reward and recognize a high-performance workforce for the State of Florida through 2012. The Strategic Plan was created to address three critical components: workforce design, compensation and benefits, and workforce training and development.

To generate a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder perspectives, Evergreen Solutions interviewed state-level leaders, engaged employees through focus groups, and conducted trend analysis. In addition, Evergreen Solutions administered an electronic survey statewide and that generated feedback from more than 20,000 employees across all departments and agencies. This research assisted Evergreen Solutions in creating meaningful action-driven recommendations.

Evergreen Solutions was also retained by the DMS to conduct a Best Practices Review of its internal human resources operation. A multi-faceted, multi-level approach was utilized that included focus groups, interviews, peer review, process analysis, best practices, benchmarking, and gap analysis. Based on data from each of these tools, a variety of operational commendations and recommendations were made.