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Florida Department of Health: Staff Augmentation

Evergreen Solutions, in association with Five Points Technology, provided the Florida Department of Health outsourcing services to fulfill the Department’s Public Health and Medical Preparedness and Response Consultant position.

As a function of this agreement, the consultant:

  • reviewed the relationship of other community providers as well as local Emergency Management Plans.
  • assured that exercises and plans were in keeping with practical aspects of the problem being addressed.
  • attempted to formulate a building block approach to disaster planning that allowed for public and private entities to achieve success and not be overcome by the scenario.
  • promoted the integration of rumor control into public information operations.
  • worked with the projects’ already established local and state committees to obtain consensus on the planning.
  • worked with project managers to obtain final approvals from the SWG and the DSOC, as appropriate.
  • advised, when appropriate, the ongoing information exchange with other response partners, in particular hospitals, long-term care, fire/rescue, law enforcement, and education.
  • worked with exercise design consultant in development of scenarios.

Evergreen Solutions maintained outsourcing contracts with other municipal government organizations.