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Finger Lakes Community College, NY: Total Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Finger Lakes Community College to conduct a Total Compensation Study. Evergreen conducted a comprehensive comparison of salary and benefits for positions in the FLAG group (i.e., College administrators) to comparable Colleges, and to similar positions in the private sector. Additionally, for each peer College, Evergreen conducted a survey on how salary increases were awarded. For example, each position received a COLA increase annually. Or, each position received a step, and a COLA increase. Or, every position was evaluation by merit and given a percentage increase based on performance. Evergreen also conducted an internal comparison of total compensation including salary ranges, benefits, and structure for increases in salary between two constituencies (i.e., FLAG group and the Professional Association) within the College. Evergreen identified issues such as inequity and imbalance compensation plan such as increments and longevity that had contributed to compression, etc. Lastly, Evergreen reviewed the academic rank salary structure relative to other similarly situated Colleges including salary ranges, increments, benefits and other compensation items in order to provide the College with comparisons that addressed any issues and that provide the College with independent data and analyses.