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El Paso Community College District, TX: Job Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with El Paso Community College District (District) to conduct a comprehensive job classification and compensation study. The purpose of the study was to ensure that the District’s position descriptions, job classifications, and salary tables were accurate, consistent, and hierarchically logical across the District, and capable of attracting, retaining, and motivating skilled and competent employees.

Evergreen consultants reviewed job descriptions for internal equity, conducted a market salary survey, and developed market pricing for each position. Evergreen then provided specific recommendations for changes to the existing salary tables, the District’s compensation structure, as needed, in order to ensure that the District achieved and/or maintained competitive compensation levels within the market in which it operated and that those levels were commensurate with actual position responsibilities and requirements across all positions. Evergreen consultants provided specific recommendations regarding any necessary changes required to update District Board policies, procedures, and written guidelines to ensure that the integrity of the classification and compensation system continues long after the study was completed.