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Davis Technical College, UT: HR Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Davis Technical College to conduct an HR Compensation Study faculty and staff. The following were the objectives of the study: perform assessment of integration between the College’s compensation philosophy and practices in relation to human capital strategy and business objectives; evaluate opportunities for improvement to ensure the organization is well-positioned to attract and retain a skilled labor force that will support organizational objectives and goals; provide recommendations regarding how to define the College’s relevant external geographic labor markets used for benchmarking. Specifically, provide guidance on achieving a successful balance between being competitive within the education industry while also being sufficiently competitive to entice human capital from the non-education industry within the relevant geographic labor market; assess accuracy of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designations to job descriptions and provide recommendations with regards to exempt vs non-exempt status; assess current point factor method and compensable factors used for evaluating and grading faculty and staff positions; assess each group’s pay scale and its corresponding positions providing recommendations regarding updates, modifications or alternate methods to ensure equitable compensation among the positions; and perform salary survey data analysis to assess the College’s current level of competitiveness using benchmark jobs relative to similar sized organizations.