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Davis School District, UT: Job Analysis, Classification, and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Davis School District to conduct a Job Analysis, Classification, and Compensation Study. Evergreen analyzed positions and write/revise job descriptions, as necessary, and made recommendations regarding FLSA exempt versus non-exempt status. Evergreen recommended the appropriate designation/job classification for all positions, with written documentation in support of each of the recommendations. Evergreen’s consultants collected the appropriate information required to make a fair and reasonable determination for each of the selected positions, and made classification and compensation recommendations for those positions. Evergreen further reviewed the current job classification structures and recommend classifications and classification strategies which included the drafting of specifications for new classifications.

In the end, Evergreen will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for a compensation program that takes into consideration internal equity and external job market factors. Evergreen will provide ongoing support in reviewing job descriptions for compensation classification.