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College of Southern Nevada: Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant Evaluation

Evergreen Solutions was selected by the College of Southern Nevada to conduct an exhaustive evaluation of the College’s Emergency Management for Higher Education (EMHE) Grant program. Evergreen’s evaluation acted as an instrument to assure the U.S. Department of Education that the grant goals and objectives set forth by the college were accomplished over the two year grant program. Evergreen completed evaluation activities through a combination of qualitative and quantitative initiatives aimed at gathering data and information to support task completion and compliance.

In the initial project plan, the College outlined several specific criteria as well as several emergency management focused objectives that the program was set out to achieve, and that was subsequently monitored and evaluated by Evergreen. Examples of these criteria included ensuring emergency management and EMHE training multimedia presentations were of high quality; ensuring the number of individuals trained in NIMS courses was sufficient; and evaluated written all-hazard emergency plans to ensure inclusion of elements incorporated the National Incident Management System and Incident Command Systems. As an important component of the EMHE program, Evergreen ensured that collaboration with local first responders and emergency planning organizations was increased during the grant program, and that lessons learned as a result of the grant program were shared with these stakeholders and other institutions of higher education.

During the EMHE evaluation, Evergreen reported project data and analysis as per the U.S. Department of Education requirements under the Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant by working closely with the college’s Emergency Preparedness Manager, and the remainder of the EMHE project team. In addition, Evergreen maintained records and provided related data as well as addressed additional reporting requests and requirements. Evergreen worked to ensure that all involved had an understanding about the evaluation process.