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City of Troy, MO: Comprehensive Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the City of Troy to conduct a Comprehensive Compensation Study.  Evergreen performed the following tasks: identified criteria used in selecting comparable entities. identified the process to normalize the data to adjust for differences in city population, size, or other differences from Troy; developed pay/productivity ratios for each city department that demonstrated how much salary was paid on average by each city for certain levels of service; performed a job analysis for each position and conducted interviews with employees; reviewed all job descriptions and created updated descriptions as needed; performed an organization-wide operational efficiency study and identified staffing levels that deviated significantly from that of comparable entities; performed a market salary survey to determine competitive salary levels for all positions; performed survey of market to compare the type of fringe benefits provided to comparable entity employees that included, but was not limited to, health insurance, dental, vision, life, vacation, sick leave, annual holidays, education reimbursement, training and work hours; updated the present salary schedule; and recommended compensation policy regarding salary caps.