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City of Texas City: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the City of Texas City to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study.  The purpose of the comprehensive study is to develop a clear, equitable, consistent and competitive classification and compensation structure that fosters retention of qualified individuals while providing opportunities for growth and development within and provides the Human Resources Department a framework to operate within to maintain the system.  Evergreen will work with the City to develop a compensation program that is fair, equitable, and competitive with other municipalities in the surrounding geographic market area from which the City of Texas City recruits and lends itself to a total rewards package.  Evergreen will further work with the City to develop a classification system that facilitates ongoing compensation analysis and reporting based on similarly-situated employees, similar skills, qualifications, responsibilities, and pay, using job family grouping and EEO job categories that comport with EEOC guidelines for government employees and will provide the City with a tool that the HR department can use to continue that evaluation/analysis process.