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City of Texas City: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the City of Texas City to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study.  The purpose of the comprehensive study was to develop a clear, equitable, consistent and competitive classification and compensation structure that fostered retention of qualified individuals while providing opportunities for growth and development within and provided the Human Resources Department a framework to operate within to maintain the system.  Evergreen worked with the City to develop a compensation program that was fair, equitable, and competitive with other municipalities in the surrounding geographic market area from which the City of Texas City recruited.  Evergreen further worked with the City to develop a classification system that facilitated ongoing compensation analysis and reporting based on similarly-situated employees, similar skills, qualifications, responsibilities, and pay, using job family grouping and EEO job categories that comported with EEOC guidelines for government employees and provided the City with a tool that the HR department could use to continue that evaluation/analysis process.