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City of Mauldin, SC: Compensation and Classification Study

The City of Mauldin retained Evergreen Solutions to provide oversight into the data collection process regarding compensation and classification as well as provide recommendations following the collection of the data for the City to transition into a purely merit-based pay system. The purpose of the study was to review the current structure that has not been updated in the last few years utilizing the position rating manual and position analysis questionnaire; review the salary survey methods and results collected from local municipalities and national IMCA data; verify overall grade placement and internal equity for the organization as a whole; ensure external equity with the marketplace; and provide oversight on transition to a performance management, merit-pay system.

As part of the study, Evergreen Solutions reviewed the materials provided by the City and gave feedback on best practices and market trends; analyzed internal equity data collected by the City and give feedback to address internal equity; reviewed salary survey data collected by the City for accuracy and provided insight regarding findings; developed the strategic position for the City utilizing collected data and desired intentions of the City; and assisted the City with developing a transition plan.