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City of Marietta/Board of Lights and Water, GA: Compensation Review and Update of a Pay and Classification System

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the City of Marietta/Board of Lights and Water to conduct a Review and Update of a Pay and Classification System.  Evergreen performed the following tasks: evaluated job descriptions for all full-time and part-time single incumbent positions and recommended appropriate job classification, FLSA classification, and salary range; updated and/or created full-time and part-time classification specifications as needed to uniformly reflect distinguishing characteristics, FLSA status, essential functions, minimum qualifications, working conditions, license requirements, regulatory requirements, certifications, and competencies required to do the job (knowledge, skills, and physical abilities); conducted a full market analysis of take-home pay with comparable labor market including both private, when applicable, and public sector (locally, regionally, and statewide) using an approved peer group with a focus on actual take-home pay; established a consistent and competitive market position that the City could strive to maintain that aligned with the City’s compensation philosophy; reviewed and provided an assessment on the competitiveness of the City’s entire benefits package (including annual/vacation leave, sick leave, holidays, health, dental, life, disability, retirement, tuition reimbursement, etc.); designed and recommended an implementation strategy (including cost) and a maintenance strategy, including policy revisions or additions for the updated compensation system with the lowest financial impact on the City and greatest gain to positions that fell outside of a designated range; included any best practice recommendations that would positively impact hiring or retention; and provided training to appropriate City staff on the utilization and maintenance of the system.