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City of Kalamazoo, MI: Department of Public Safety Job Analysis Study

Evergreen Solutions completed a project in which they assisted the City of Kalamazoo, Michigan with a comprehensive Job Analysis Study of all KPSOA and KPSA positions within the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (DPS). To ensure the job analysis was accurate and relevant for future employment, transfer, and promotional testing and assessment processes, DPS personnel were involved in the job analysis research. During the course of this study, relevant personnel were requested to identify the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully perform each position through the completion of the Job Analysis Tool, and further information was gained through focus groups and interviews. At the completion of the study, the City of Kalamazoo was issued accurate and current job descriptions for all KPSOA and KPSA positions within the Department of Public Safety.

This was Evergreen Solutions’ first project in Michigan; however the firm has completed many similar public safety studies. The City of Kalamazoo is the largest city in southwest Michigan, with an estimated population of more than 323,000. It is the home of Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College.