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City of Fayetteville, GA: Pay and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the City of Fayetteville to conduct a Pay and Classification Study. The goal of the project was  to develop a classification and compensation plan that fairly and equitably recognized and rewarded current and future employees and attracted highly-qualified candidates for City positions. Evergreen performed the following tasks: reviewed all current job descriptions and analyzed same for knowledge, skills, abilities, education, experience, relevance, internal consistency, job definitions and summaries, distinguishing characteristics, supervision received and exercised, conformity with ADA relative to essential job functions (including physical demands), conformity with other applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and special requirements, including licensing and certifications; analyzed all existing job family classifications, pay grades, and salary ranges and recommended modifications as necessary; recommended new job titles/job descriptions as necessary; analyzed all FLSA classifications and recommended modifications as necessary; established appropriate benchmarking standards and conducted salary surveys as needed for similar positions with comparable other local governments; identified potential pay compression issues and provided alternative solutions and recommended appropriate salary range for each position based on the classification plan, the compensation survey results, and internal relationships and equity; and developed and provided a straightforward, easily understandable maintenance system that could be used to keep the classification system updated and equitable. Evergreen also reviewed relevant portions of the City’s Personnel Policies and Procedures and, when applicable, recommended and changes needed in relation to classification and compensation.